Incentive Travel Programs

A group incentive travel program is more than just a way to reward your target audience. It’s a strategic plan to quickly and measurably boost performance while also offering future dividends in the form of continued engagement, motivation and innovation. Return on Incentives will help you create qualification criteria that will maximize your program’s success, which is continuously monitored based on custom benchmarks set in advance. Getting the qualification criteria right at the beginning is critical to ensure that the profit generated by the incentive program pays for the program and more.

Our service offering integrates all elements of program design, management and execution to ensure the most seamless client and participant experience in the industry. And all of those “what if?” scenarios…we’ve thought them all through, so you don’t have to. Keep your employees focused on your business, and let us handle the details.

ROI founders Jay Staggs and Michael Johnson are such experienced corporate travelers that they became trusted sounding boards for friends, family and colleagues planning their own trips. ROI delivers that same type of personal service with a fresh approach that is individually tailored to your needs. We work hand-in-hand with you to select the optimum program elements to create an atmosphere and experience that will clarify your essential message to your target audience, and maintain that engagement once they get home.



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