Making Your Business Better is
What Our Business is All About

Company performance starts with individuals, and there is no better way to ensure your company’s success than by building a team of engaged, motivated employees who are immersed in a culture of achievement. At Return on Incentives, we strategically design incentive travel experiences, meetings and events that boost motivation, productivity and profitability, one client at a time.


We design and implement a unique program for each client because we know, from experience, that maximizing the success of a program requires a custom solution.


We offer full service for those companies looking to outsource every aspect of their incentive travel program or meeting/event, but we can also offer our services a la carte for those companies that might already have an existing infrastructure to do some of that work.


We work very closely with our clients to help them get the numbers they need to accurately evaluate their program so they can measure its success and also make the necessary adjustments to maximize that success in the future.

Deeply Connect With Your Employees and Improve Your Bottom Line

same-thinking-same-resultsWhether you want to develop a revenue-boosting incentive program or plan a spectacular group meeting, ROI’s customized approach creates individual experiences that will really resonate with your specific audience and deliver your message in an exciting and dynamic way. ROI founders Jay Staggs and Michael Johnson are both former corporate executives who spent years staging, attending and critiquing business travel programs and events, making them uniquely qualified and sensitive to each company’s goals.

Don’t waste the opportunity to deeply connect with your employees and improve your company’s bottom line at the same time. At ROI, we are all about results!



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