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Both former corporate executives who spent considerable time crafting custom meetings and travel experiences—and sometimes attending bad ones—Jay Staggs and Michael Johnson bring their vast experience to your company through Return on Incentives. Jay and Michael have the keys to transform your event into a shared experience that will pay endless dividends in employee motivation and create a culture of engagement, and get you the ROI you need to grow your business.

Jay Staggs

A natural communicator with a gift for inspiring and motivating, Jay Staggs spent his corporate career in convenience retail leadership, doing his part to grow a major company from fewer than 200 to more than 1,300 stores. There, he worked in a wide range of capacities, becoming known as a goal-oriented innovator who never missed an opportunity to inspire passion in others. Jay’s global view of the company allowed him to hone his skills in identifying and fostering talent, crafting unique group experiences and incentive programs and delivering on-point messages to diverse groups.

At ROI, Jay brings experience from both sides of the table: both as a meeting and event creator and as a client, which makes him uniquely qualified as a steward of your resources. A dynamic and enthusiastic speaker, leader and thought-driver, he thrives on creating big ideas and bringing them to life.

Michael Johnson

Never one to shy away from taking chances, Michael Johnson thrives on the excitement of discovering the next big thing and translating it into a successful and profitable new venture. A longtime corporate executive in the realms of operations, marketing and business development, he finds immense reward in identifying and resolving problems.

With both a Juris Doctorate and an MBA to his name, Michael worked his way through school in the service industry, where he discovered his gift for interacting and connecting with others. He possesses the rare combination of a creative nature and a detail-oriented mind, which lends itself perfectly to ROI’s mission of creating one-of-a-kind, custom experiences. After five years in the heavy gauge plastics industry and more than a decade in the petroleum business, Michael made the leap to start M.J. Consulting, which gives him the opportunity to provide consulting and support services covering the entire CEO agenda to startup companies. To ROI, he brings his attention to detail, his passion for building a brand and a business, and his ability to enjoy the unexpected.



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